Unrecognized Chapters

  • University of Vermont Statement of Unrecognized Fraternity or Sorority Groups


    The University of Vermont has several mechanisms for the recognition and de-recognition of student organizations.  Related specifically to fraternity and sorority organizations, behavioral or procedural issues can result in the suspension or removal of formal University recognition.   More specifically organizations can have had their recognition removed for various reasons, including hazing, alcohol and drug use, risk management violations, sexual misconduct and/or assault, and the failure to comply with University policies and expectations.  Organizations have in most cases also had their recognition removed by the national or international organization because of their failure to uphold their stated values and clear policies.  It is important to know that, at times, these student organizations continue to operate as if they have University recognition and/or national organization recognition.


    The following group(s) are currently not recognized. Students are strongly discouraged from participating in unrecognized fraternities and sororities.


    Alpha Epslion Pi*

    Sanction: Suspended    

    Violation: Hazing and alcohol violations 

    Term: Initial 5 year recognition removal – ongoing additional year for each year they remain active and unrecognized – currently in perpetuity


    Lambda Iota

    Sanction: Suspended  

    Violation:  Alcohol and drug violations 

    Term: 2020


    Phi Gamma Delta 

    Sanction: Suspended  

    Violation: Hazing and alcohol violations  

    Term: 2021


    *AEPi is no longer recognized by the Univeristy, however they are recognized by their National Organization.  Such chapters are not extended University privileges and may not program or recruit on campus or participate in FSL activities. 


    Last updated June 23, 2017


    Please contact Fraternity and Sorority Life at (802-656-2060) or uvmfsl@uvm.edu  if you have any questions about the recognition status of any student organization.