Sorority Recruitment


    Sorority Recruitment

      Sorority recruitment in the Fall is referred to as Formal Recruitment. Formal Recruitment is held during the first couple weeks of the academic year in the fall. Formal Recruitment lasts for one week consisting of three to four different events. During these events, potential new members will have the opportunity to meet all the sororities on campus throughout the week.


    Sorority recruitment in the Spring is referred to as Informal Recruitment. Informal Recruitment is less structured than formal recruitment and not all Chapters participate. Unlike formal recruitment, each organization will hold their own events and times. To gain further information you can contact individual organizations in the Spring.





    What should I wear to recruitment? Casual attire except for preference.


    Should I participate in Formal or Informal recruitment? Participating in either formal or informal recruitment is a personal preference. During formal recruitment there is a lot of structure and you are able to meet every Chapter on campus. During informal recruitment, potential new members are able to visit each of the Chapters participating individually.


    What is a Rho Gamma? A Rho Gamma is a recruitment counselor during formal recruitment. These women are resources for potential new members through their recruitment process. Rho Gamma's are also disaffiliated with their Chapters to prevent any biases.


    How much time does it take to be in a sorority? Participating in any worthwhile activity always requires an investment of one's time. Participating in a Greek organization is like any co-curricular activity; it requires a time investment. The benefit of membership in the Greek community at UVM is the opportunity for a well-rounded college experience that includes learning how to balance academics, work, campus involvement and social commitments.


    What about academics? All UVM fraternal organizations have GPA requirements to join and to maintain an active member.  GPA requirements are set individually by each chapter.  All Gold Level chapters have above a 2.5 minimum GPA requirement for membership.  Many chapters have different GPA requirements for incoming first years and continuing students (sophomore, junior and senior).




    Bid: a formal invitation given by a fraternity or sorority asking a prospective member to join the chapter.

    Big Sister: an older member assigned to assist a new member in her college transition.

    Formal Recruitment: a designated membership recruitment period during which sororities hold a series of organized events.

    Hazing: An abusive way of treating new members that can be in the form of physical or mental abuse, humiliation, or harassment. UVM and the state of Vermont takes a strong stance against hazing as it is illegal and against the core values of the university and Greek Life.

    Informal/Open Recruitment: the unstructured recruitment process by which chapters bring in new members. Sometimes called the "rush" period

    Legacy: a prospective member whose immediate relative(s) were in a recognized fraternity at UVM.

    New Member: a woman or man who has accepted a fraternity or sorority bid, but has not been initiated.

    NPC: National Panhellenic Conference.

    Panhellenic Council: The governing body for all UVM Sororities

    Potential New Member: a person participating in recruitment events.

    Quota: The established maximum amount of sisters allowed in NPC sororities. At UVM it is 70

    Sister: a term used within sororities when referring to other members.


    *for a more complete list of terminologies please visit the "How to Join" page