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    Dear Parents & Guardians,


    Welcome to the University of Vermont Fraternity & Sorority Life community. As a parent, you probably have a variety of questions about the fraternal experience. We hope to provide you with useful information about the fraternities and sororities at UVM.


    The Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life values the contributions parents and family members provide their student and the ability they have to positively enhance their student’s college experience. On this page you can learn about your son or daughter’s experience, contact the office staff, learn about benefits and frequently asked questions, as well as learn how you can become more involved.


    UVM Fraternity & Sorority Life



    What are the Benefits of Joining a Fraternity or Sorority?

    • Fraternity or sorority members at UVM have the ability to achieve academic excellence through study hours, chapter scholarship programs, honor societies, and assistance by older members within his/her chapter.
    • Studies have shown that members of fraternities and sororities are statistically more likely to return to school the following year.
    • The networking available through alumni relations and members of other chapters is extensive. One of the four pillars of the community is brotherhood/sisterhood, which is the development of friends into brothers and sisters for life. Being a member provides your student with support through good times and bad as well as job opportunities and networking following graduation.
    • Fraternities and sororities at UVM encourage members to get involved in their respective chapters, the Greek community, and in campus organizations beyond merely the social level. For our members alone, there are a number of leadership opportunities that can increase students’ achievement in academics, and enhance leadership, communication, and management skills.
    • One concern for prospective students is the size of the University. UVM has approximately 10,000 undergraduate students and finding a strong group of friends can be difficult. Fraternity and Sorority Life is one of the best ways for your student to locate that sense of community while still promoting academics, involvement on campus, and developing lifetime friendships and networking.
    • Community Service is a key component of our community. Events are readily available for your student to maintain his/her contributions to the local community.