Governing Councils

  • Panhellenic & Interfraternity Council

    of the University of Vermont


    2017 Panhellenic and Interfraternity Council Executive Boards






  • Panhellenic President:  Lauren Riney

    Interfraternity President: Alex Gyles

  • Panhellenic Council (Panhel)


    The Panhellenic Council is the umbrella organization for the five sororities on campus. The Panhellenic Council of the Univeristy of Vermont exists to promote interfraternal relations among the seven sororites on campus, as well as relations with all other Greek councils. Through programming efforts, the Panhellenic Council promotes superior scholarship, service, leadership development, and friendship.


    The Panhellenic Creed:


    We, as Undergraduate members of woman's fraternities, stand for good scholarship, for guarding of good health, for maintenance of fine standards, and for serving, to the best of our ability, our college community. Cooperation for furthering fraternity life, in harmony with its best possibilities, is the ideal that shall guide our fraternity activities.


    We, as Fraternity Women, stand for service through the development of character inspired by the close contact and deep friendship of individual fraternity and Panhellenic life. The opportunity for wide and wise human service through mutual respect and helpfulness, is the tenet by which we strive to live.





    Click here for Panhellenic Bylaws



    Interfraternity Council (IFC) 


    The Interfraternity Council is the umbrella organization that provides guidelines and support to its member organizations, the fraternities of the University of Vermont.  Each organization is represented IFC meetings, scheduled every Wednesday throughout the semester, to discuss and vote on matters concerning member organizations and the Greek community. Each member organization of the IFC focuses on different aspects of fraternity life including athletics, academics, campus involvement, leadership, and brotherhood. The Interfraternity Council provides a way for member organizations to work together and achieve a greater level of success.


    Click here for the IFC Bylaws & Constitution